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Robard delivers results. Just ask the people who’ve benefited from our programs and nutrition products.

Hear the positive experiences of health care professionals who use our weight management programs, the successful patients who experienced them, and the physicians who helped design them. These are the outcomes you can achieve with your patients and team.

Michelle Haendiges, MD – Haendiges & Associates, P.C.

Patients want real help with weight loss. Physicians are the best people to provide it, and Robard is the ideal partner.

Brady Steineck, MD – Aultman Weight Management

The behavioral, exercise, and nutritional aspects of Robard programs all work together to help patients succeed.

Aaron Wenzel, MD – Bariform Medical Weight Loss

Robard’s business model bridged the gap between costs, frequency of visits, education, and product.

Janet Wendle, RN, CDE – Main Line Health

Janet Wendle’s patients have achieved remarkable results with the New Direction program.

Bill DiNicola

Bill weighed nearly 500 pounds when he started his weight loss journey. He lost an astonishing 226 pounds in 250 days.

Eileen and Katelyn Godfrey

These sisters lost a combined 165 pounds to date. Recently they ran their first 5K, and now they have their sights set on a 10K!

Jim Carpenter

When Jim Carpenter started, he weighed 518 pounds and was unable to walk to his mailbox. What he’s accomplished since joining is nothing short of inspirational.

Julie Roth

In 20 months, Julie lost roughly 200 pounds on the New Direction System. Now she’s healthier at age 38 than she was at 18.

Mary-Helene (“MH”) Taylor

After constantly struggling with her weight, MH lost 85 pounds on the New Direction System and was able to come off all of her blood pressure medications.

Phillip Snider, DO, MS, FAAFP

Robard’s plug-and-play structure makes it easy to implement a successful obesity treatment program.

John Hernried, MD, FACP

Dr. John Hernried saw the medical need for a more effective approach to obesity. He chose Robard.

Christopher Case, MD

Treating obesity requires a multidisciplinary approach involving versatile programs and diets for patients, well-designed meal plans, and one-on-one counseling.

Peter H. Jones, MD, FACP, FNLA

Robard’s team approach is one of the keys to successful obesity treatment.

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