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Your obesity treatment program will be up and running in 60 DAYS. Here’s how it works.

If starting or replacing an obesity treatment program seems overwhelming, remember that Robard has helped tens of thousands of physicians, hospitals, and medical professionals implement or enhance existing programs with minimal time investment and proven success. We do this all the time. Leave it to us.

Pre-implementation phase (60 days):

Review Contract

Review and execute a contract for an obesity treatment program designed to meet your specific needs.

Place an Order

Place your initial order for meal replacement products and nutritional supplements from Robard. Your patients then will buy them from you. We’ve made this process very simple.

Receive Materials

Receive your medical protocol training and education materials (eight comprehensive manuals).

Get Training

Participate in a two-day, in-person training with Robard’s expert team members, who fully prepare your staff to run a successful obesity treatment program.

What does training include?

  • Review/implementation of your program operations
  • Comprehensive overview of medical protocols and clinical information
  • Development of a business and marketing plan
  • Organizing your program orientation

But that’s just the beginning. Find out about the support and service you’ll receive during and after implementation.

*Disclaimer: Results based on Patient data from a Large Managed Healthcare Network and an Accredited Weight Management Center utilizing Robard products. Results may vary.

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