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Four Pillars of a Successful Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine Program

Presented by Phillip Snider, DO, MS, RD, FAAFP,

In this webinar, presented by Phillip Snider, DO, MS, RD, FAAFP, participants will discover the impact of integrating the key factors that influence a weight loss patient’s ability to move from simply going through the motions of life to thriving and living life to the fullest.

Pros and Cons of the Top 4 Business Models for Adding or Expanding Weight Loss Services in Your Practice

Presented by Karol Clark, MSN, RN

There are many reasons why you may be motivated to add or expand weight loss services in your practice. This webinar sorts out preliminary considerations and reviews in detail the top 4 business models that, while evolving somewhat due to current trends, have proven to be effective over time. The webinar also includes a review of the most common pitfalls to avoid that can negatively affect your success. All participants will also receive a complimentary team checklist for successfully expanding or adding any new product or service into your weight loss practice.

Helping Your Patients Become More Active: Overcoming the Barriers to Exercising

Presented by Edward Abramson, PhD

Physical activity has demonstrable benefits for medical and psychological well-being and it’s critical for successful weight loss maintenance. Despite these benefits, many weight loss patients remain sedentary and resist recommendations to become more active. This webinar will offer suggestions for overcoming patient objections, increasing their motivation to become more active, and offer sample activities for habitually sedentary patients.

Optimizing Health from the Inside Out: How Daily Stress Impacts Patients Struggling with Weight

Presented by Phillip Snider, DO, MS, RD
On this complimentary webinar, Dr. Phillip Snider will discuss how stress, eating, and exercise affect your patients with obesity. He’ll identify ways that stress shapes the habits of your patients, and how it impacts the brain and body. Finally, Snider will review strategies to help you treat your patients struggling with weight effectively by assisting them to overcome their habits, heal their bodies, and prevent further harm.

Designed for hospitals and practices to offer a multidisciplinary approach to weight management using a Very Low Calorie Program (VLCD)

Designed for physicians and clinics to offer a Low Calorie Program (LCD) with limited food choices

Robard will assist you with Getting Started with a Complete Program

  •  Comprehensive Medical Protocols
  • Extensive Staff Training
  • Patient Education Materials: Behavior, Nutrition, Exercise, and Maintenance
  • Scientifically Advanced Meal Replacement Products
  • A Mobile App and Digital Solution that helps your Staff and your Patients
  • Clinical Studies

Expected Average Weight Loss: 36 Pounds in 12 Weeks

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Start helping your patients safely lose weight and keep it off – with minimal time investment by your staff.

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