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Understanding Food Addiction and Practical Ideas for Helping Patients Manage It and Professionals Treat It

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Presented by Dr. Jeremy Clorfene, Ph.D 

Food addiction is an overused and undefined term that is steeped in the weight loss culture. By better understanding and defining what and who is a “food addict,” professionals can gain insights and guidance into more focused and effecting treatments.


Learning Objectives Include:
• Better understand how food addiction meets criteria for substance abuse disorders
• Better understand the physiology, psychology, and behaviors of a patient pre-, during, and after weight loss
• Provide some guidance and techniques for professionals treating patients who define themselves as food addicts

ABOUT THE SPEAKER:  Jeremy Clorfene, Ph.D., is licensed clinical psychologist who trained at Rush Medical Center in Chicago and now is in private practice in Lincolnshire, IL. He works with adults and older teens treating those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and specializes in health psychology (obesity, diabetes, heart disease), and sports psychology.

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