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Implementing the New Anti-Obesity Medications into a Comprehensive Low Calorie Diet (LCD) Program


Presented by Holly F. Lofton, MD

Ozempic and Wegovy have garnered much attention because of their efficacy in helping adults with obesity lose weight; however, a 2020 study funded by Novo Nordisk reported that the estimated mean energy intake was reduced by 47 percent for people using Semaglutide for 20 weeks. This webinar, presented by NYU Langone Health’s Dr. Holly F. Lofton, will review study design and outcomes data for GLP-1 and GIP Receptor Agonists weight management trials. In addition, she will also discuss the role of proper nutrition and behavior education via a Low Calorie Diet (LCD), and illustrate why they are important adjuncts to anti-obesity medications

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Review study design and outcomes data and for GLP-1 and GIP Receptor Agonists weight management trials
  • Discuss the role proper nutrition and behavior education plays in conjunction with anti-obesity medication therapy
  • Illustrate effective integration of an LCD to embody a comprehensive approach in patients on GLP-1 receptor agonists


Dr. Lofton is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Surgery at NYU Langone Health, and has served as director of the Medical Weight Management since 2012. She designed the New You weight loss program to help her patients maximize results, and is involved in obesity clinical research and education.

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