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Effects of a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) in Post Bariatric Patients with Weight Regain

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Presented by Mekhala Chandra, MD

During the post-operative bariatric surgery period — especially in the first two weeks — patients are only able to consume fluids; during this time, it is essential that nutritionally-designed products adequately replace the necessary daily macronutrients (protein), vitamins and minerals during the transition before the patient returns to solid meals. With increasing evidence-based studies, VLCDs and meal replacements are increasingly being used to prevent weight regain in such patients.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Evaluate the effect of a VLCD on postoperative bariatric patients with weight regain
  • Understand how meal replacements play a vital role before and after bariatric surgeries in weight loss and maintenance
  • Learn the difference between meal replacement and protein supplement and their clinical applications


Dr. Mekhala Chandra is an Internal medicine board and Obesity medicine certified physician that received her medical degree from BVP University, Pune in India and completed her residency from California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco in 2016. She practices hospital-based medicine, works as a consultant, and is a frequent contributor to various media outlets. She has a deep interest in the identification and treatment of metabolic disease and how this condition contributes to increased morbidity and mortality.

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