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Do As I Say: How to Handle the Non-Compliant Obesity Patient

Melinda J Cail

Presented by Melinda J. Cail, MD, FAAFP

When it comes to treating obesity, one of the most common challenges health care providers face is patient compliance. During this complimentary 40-minute webinar, Melinda J. Cail, MD, FAAFP, will discuss how to better understand and handle non-compliant patients with obesity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify patients with obesity that are truly non-compliant
  • Discover how to identify if YOU are the problem
  • Understand how to approach each patient with obesity according to their specific needs

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Dr. Melinda Cail is a native Oklahoman, and earned her medical degree at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. She has been practicing Family Medicine since 2003; in 2017, she transitioned her practice to Direct Primary Care. Dr. Cail enjoys the opportunity to be a catalyst for changing the way health care is delivered. She is a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association, has a weekly radio show and TV segment in Oklahoma City, and was a nominee for The Journal Record’s 2019 ‘Woman of the Year’ award.

ABOUT THE HOST: Hundreds of nationally recognized hospitals and physicians trust Robard’s medically-supervised programs and nutrition products to successfully treat patients with obesity. To learn more, visit us online at, email us at, or call (800) 222-9201.

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