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Numetra is a “state of the science” product line that was developed as the result of a comprehensive review of recent academic research. The products include synergistic ingredients that help promote optimal metabolism for active weight loss.


Numetra Rate of Digestion for Carbohydrates
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Numetra Rate of Digestion for Proteins
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  • Contains a combination of dairy proteins with differing absorption rates to support a steady amino acid balance and sufficient leucine to maintain optimal protein synthesis.
  • Contains controlled carbohydrate levels including soluble dietary fiber and low added sugars to support mild ketosis, satiety, and support protein sparing during a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).
  • Numetra includes a combination of long and short chain polyunsaturated fats, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), and essential fatty acids — the combination of which promotes thermogenesis and optimizes the utilization of fat for energy.
  • Balanced source of high quality macro and micronutrients to support optimal metabolism with a key focus on preserving metabolic rate.
  • Prebiotic fibers and a unique strain of probiotics to support the microbiome and optimize intestinal health.

Nutritional Parameters: 160 calories, 20g protein, 12g carb, 3g fiber

Numetra is a unique blend of macro nutrients with varied rates of digestion plus essential micro-nutrients to support healthy weight management

How It Works For You (the Provider):

Robard offers unsurpassed physician and clinical support and program resources that make effective obesity treatment programs easy to launch and sustain over time:

  • Comprehensive staff training
  • Comprehensive medical protocols and meal plans (without drugs)
  • Patient education materials: Behavior, Nutrition, and Exercise
  • Great tasting meal replacements – nutritionally designed
  • HIPPA compliant mobile app and digital solution that helps your staff and patients
MyHealthyJourney App from Robard
Numetra Scientific

Unique Scientifically-Designed Formulations

  • Blend of whey, caseinate and micellar casein for a steady supply of amino acids
  • 2.5 mg of leucine per serving to support protein synthesis and lean muscle mass
  • Protein sparing carbohydrates – including isomaltulose – to support healthy glycemic control
  • Prebiotic fibers and a patented strain of probiotics to support the microbiome and optimize gut health
  • Excellent source of Vitamin K2 to support bone health and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Ground flax seed, a beneficial source of heart healthy omega-3 alpha linoleic essential fatty acid
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) to support ketogenic thermogenesis

Numetra Features

  • 20 grams of high quality protein and a minimum of three grams of dietary fiber per serving
  • Less than 10 grams of available carbohydrates in powders and 12 grams in bars
  • Four servings provide 100% of the daily value for 25 vitamins and minerals
  • No soy, aspartame, artificial colors or gluten ingredients in shakes, puddings, beverages or smoothies
  • Contains B. coagulans, 250,000 CFU, that survives in stomach acid to have active microbiome benefits in the large intestine and which clears the body within a few days of discontinued use
Numetra Typle Nutrion Facts
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