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Make a Real Difference for your Patients

Comprehensive Weight Management Programs and Products for the Medical Community

Robard helps you change the lives of your patients by providing all of the tools needed to run your own medically-supervised weight management program.

A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) is a medically-supervised weight loss approach based on consuming 800 calories daily. It is intended for people with obesity (BMI >30 or BMI >25 with two comorbid conditions) and is most effective as part of a lifestyle intervention. 

Research on VLCDs has increased notably over the last 10 years and show consistently positive short term (≤ 12 months) and longer term (≥ 12 months) outcomes for weight loss and other health benefits. For example, patients who follow a VLCD program have significantly higher weight loss, slower weight gain, and a greater maintenance of weight loss when compared to other approaches.

Significant medical improvements occur specific to lipids, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. Liver transaminases are reduced as is high sensitivity C-reactive protein, so the patient may experience less inflammation.  Obese patients with type 2 diabetes often are able to reduce their need for insulin or medication, and can potentially reverse their condition. 

Additional positive improvements are experienced by patients with cardiovascular issues, osteoarthritis, nephrological conditions, cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other serious health conditions. 

Using a VLCD as part of a weight loss program helps patients lose weight and keep it off more effectively than other weight loss approaches. 

While medical benefits are important, many people with obesity have struggled with weight and failed attempts at weight loss over the course of their lives. Using a VLCD leads not only to weight loss, but also a reduction in waist circumference, fat mass and android fat. Being able to see and feel a difference in their bodies and health can have a tremendous impact on their quality of life. 

For patients, the cost for a VLCD program is notably lower than bariatric surgery, which sometimes is (erroneously) viewed as the only weight loss options for people with severe obesity. In addition, the cost of a VLCD program is similar in cost to traditional grocery foods as calculated by the USDA. VLCDs are convenient, portable, easy to use, and offer a range of food. This results in a greater level of enthusiasm and motivation because patients find the program to be tolerable and appealing, leading to greater success and more significant results.

As health care continues to push value-based care initiatives, the efficacy and proven outcomes of a medically-supervised VLCD program supports this initiative to help reduce costs throughout the entire health care continuum. 

For hospitals and medical providers challenged by the pressures of increased health care costs, declining reimbursements and reduced patient census, starting a medically-supervised VLCD program supported by Robard can aid in establishing a net-new revenue stream that supports patient alignment and engagement.  

Using Robard’s business growth, development and training resources, complimented by our scientifically designed products, a medically-supervised VLCD program helps support an integrated network of patient referrals and revenue across many service lines which helps improve outcomes, margins, patient census and patient satisfaction. 

Designed for hospitals and practices to offer a multidisciplinary approach to weight management using a Very Low Calorie Program (VLCD)

Designed for physicians and clinics to offer a Low Calorie Program (LCD) with limited food choices

Designed for hospitals and practices to offer a multidisciplinary approach to weight management using a Very Low Calorie Program (VLCD)

Designed for physicians and clinics to offer a Low Calorie Program (LCD) with limited food choices

Robard will assist you with Getting Started with a Complete Program

  •  Comprehensive Medical Protocols
  • Extensive Staff Training
  • Patient Education Materials: Behavior, Nutrition, Exercise, and Maintenance
  • Scientifically Advanced Meal Replacement Products
  • A Mobile App and Digital Solution that helps your Staff and your Patients
  • Clinical Studies

Expected Average Weight Loss: 36 Pounds in 12 Weeks

Improve patient wellness with
Obesity Treatment Programs
from Robard

Get up and running in 60 days.

Start helping your patients safely lose weight and keep it off – with minimal time investment by your staff.

  • Clinically Proven Programs
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Free Educational Materials
  • Ongoing Support
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