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Meal Replacements and GLP-1 Medications: A Winning Combination for Patient Satisfaction and Business Growth

GLP-1 medications have made a significant impact in the management of diabetes and weight loss. Combining GLP-1s with quality meal replacements helps to ensure long-term success and safety for patients — and creates a business growth opportunity for practitioners. Many…

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Can Meal Replacements Facilitate Weight Loss?

When included as part of a comprehensive lifestyle intervention, nutritionally designed meal replacements are beneficial for patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes. As the body of scientific knowledge and empirical evidence expand, so too do health care professionals’ strategies…

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How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

Good sleep quality can reduce ghrelin and increase leptin, the hormones implicated in hunger and satiety. Sleep is an important part of a weight loss and weight management program as well as a modifiable risk behavior. Poor quality sleep and…

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