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Weight Loss Programs For Cardiologists 

Weight loss can often improve the metabolic function and hypertension, as well as enhance heart pumping and relaxation.

Offer a weight management program to your patients with obesity

Medically Supervised

Medically monitored weight loss programs featuring very low-calorie diet (VLCD) to help qualify your patients for surgery

Tested Results

On average, patients can lose 36 lbs. in 12 weeks

Metabolic Syndrome

VLCD and low-calorie diets have been found to be effective in reducing body fat in patients with metabolic syndrome

Better Outcomes

Obese patients who lose weight non-surgically through a weight management program have better surgical and functional outcomes.

The impact of weight loss for your patients can include:

  • Increased Longevity 
  • More Energy
  • Reduce Risk of Type II Diabetes
  • Decrease Likelihood of Other Heart Events  
  • Improved Blood Pressure
New Direction Weight Management System by Robard

*Disclaimer: Results based on Patient data from a Large Managed Healthcare Network and an Accredited Weight Management Center utilizing Robard products. Results may vary.

Private Practices Cardiologists running their own practices can start their own New Direction or Robard LCD weight loss program within their practice and clinic within 60-days.

Practices part of a larger system Cardiac groups within a hospital should work directly with their institutes Weight Management or Wellness Center to set up and internal referral protocol. We have customers that send their infertility patients within this protocol and have seen much success.

Improve patient wellness with Obesity Treatment Programs from Robard

Get up and running in 60 days.

Start helping your patients safely lose weight and keep it off – with minimal time investment by your staff.

  • Clinically Proven Programs
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Free Educational Materials
  • Ongoing Support

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