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The Top 5 Social Media Posts to Generate Interest and New Patients for Your Weight Loss Practice

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The Top 5 Social Media Posts to Generate Interest and New Patients for Your Weight Loss Practice

— By Karol Clark, MSN, RN

Engage, inspire, and attract new patients with top-performing social media posts tailored to your weight loss practice without driving yourself or your team crazy!

Engaging, inspiring, and attracting new patients through social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming — yet it often feels that way! By crafting top-performing posts that are specific to the patients you serve, you can effectively reach your target audience without feeling like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.

Not all posts are created equal. It takes a strategic approach and commitment to consistency to harness the power of social media in order to grow your patient base and drive success for your weight loss practice. And, you can do this while staying true to your practice’s brand, values, and message. While it takes some trial and error, it is worth the effort.

Current Social Media Trends

There is no lack of available information regarding “how to” when it comes to social media. In fact, it is easy to spend a great deal of time researching such information, or focusing on what your competitors are doing, which may prevent you from creating your systemized plan or put it into action. On the other hand, you may simply outsource all of your social media posting to experts, yet still wonder why nothing seems to be working.

Here are some current social media trends that are important to know.1, 2

  1. Content Remains King: Creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content to capture the attention of new patients and engage existing patients is something clinicians are highly qualified to do. In addition, you can leverage your content on many platforms, and increase your SEO through the use of top performing keywords. As a result, you have assets that continue to work for you day and night while boosting your search ranking.
  2. Need for a Full Focus Marketing Funnel: A full-focus marketing funnel highlights the importance of implementing a comprehensive strategy that guides social media users through each stage of their journey with you from awareness to conversion. By optimizing your efforts across all touchpoints, you can increase your new patient reach, your sales, and patient retention.
  3. AI Generated Posts Continue: AI generated posts are becoming increasingly prevalent as advancements in technology enable algorithms to create content that engages your ideal audience online. This trend streamlines your content creation process and allows you to scale your social media efforts.
  4. Increased Need for Authenticity: On the other hand, some AI generated content and sponsored advertisements have made people wary of online information and offers. Users are gravitating towards genuine and transparent content. Building trust by sharing your authentic opinions/stories, methods of treatment, and the positive impact weight loss has for your patients, fosters stronger connections with your followers.
  5. Micro-Influencers Make Their Mark: It is unlikely you have big-name celebrities promoting your practice. However, even more influential is the use of micro-influencers such as your successful patients. More weight loss practices are creating patient ambassador programs (with set guidelines). With such programs, your successful patients not only share their success through a testimonial on your channels, they promote the profound effect you and their weight loss has had on their life on their own social media channels. This often inspires others to look you up, inquire, and take action.
  6. Social Media E-Commerce Will Continue to Grow: Social media e-commerce is continuing to grow as platforms increasingly integrate shopping features, making it easier for users to discover and purchase products or programs without leaving their favorite apps. This trend transforms social media into a powerful sales channel, enabling you to directly reach and engage with those seeking what you offer. This ultimately allows you to garner more leads, increase your revenue, and continuously engage with current and prospective new patients.

The next section demonstrates how to integrate these trends into top performing types of social media posts.

Top 5 Performing Social Media Posts

No matter what you are posting, it is important to make sure you have a specific goal in mind such as filling an upcoming event, selling a specific product or program, increasing total new leads, or driving more traffic to your website. Then, identify your desired content strategy and turn it into an action plan for post creation and schedule them to post each day. Make your plan and work your plan. You will be more likely to follow-through and be successful if you ensure that your content strategy is in congruence with your brand and values — no matter what type of content you (or your social media marketing manager) decide to create.

Below are some of the highest performing types of social media posts you can use to accomplish your goal(s):

  1. Short Form Videos: Short form videos (typically less than 60 seconds), have taken over social media. Their appeal lies in the ability to convey information quickly and entertainingly. For a weight loss practice, short form videos can showcase motivational snippets, healthy cooking tips, or short video testimonials. By providing bite-sized content, you’re catering to the fast-paced nature of social media consumption while still delivering valuable insights. You can also incorporate trending music to boost visibility and engagement. Sound overwhelming or out of your wheelhouse? You can create a video with a series of eye-catching graphics or graphics or have motion behind a testimonial comment. You just need to start somewhere.
  2. Shopping Posts: You can hardly scroll through any social media platform without noticing e-commerce integration. Posts for selling various products, courses, and other offerings seem to be everywhere. For a weight loss practice, this means you can showcase your products, meal plans, or educational courses directly within your social media feed. Of course, this works better if you have established your brand and have an engaged following, but this can work on cold traffic as well. By simplifying the purchasing process, you remove barriers for potential clients to access your offerings. Additionally, interactive features like polls or quizzes can personalize their shopping experience and increase engagement.
  3. Educational Posts: In a world full of misinformation about weight loss, you can be a stabilizing resource busting myths and sharing truths. Use infographics, short videos, or carousel posts to break down complex topics into digestible, engaging content. Positioning your practice as a credible source of information establishes trust and as an authority in the field. You can also leverage the power of live videos to host Q&A sessions, where you can answer common questions about weight loss, and offer expert advice. These sessions allow for real-time interaction, making your audience feel heard and supported.
  4. Success Stories: Nothing speaks louder than success. Sharing before-and-after stories of your clients (with their permission, of course) serves as powerful testament to the effectiveness of your weight loss program. These posts not only showcase the tangible results of your services but also inspire and motivate others to embark on their own weight loss journey. Including a brief narrative or testimonial from the patient adds a personal touch, making the transformation more relatable and achievable.
  5. User Generated Content: User-generated content exemplifies the power of micro-influencers (your successful patients). It also incorporates authenticity and storytelling. In addition to, or instead of an ambassador program as described above, consider running a hashtag promotional campaign where your patients can share their progress photos, success stories, or favorite healthy recipes. This not only promotes your practice, but creates support and inspiration for others seeking successful weight loss.

By staying abreast of the latest social media trends, monitoring what works best for you and your practice, and consistently delivering valuable content (with a clear call to action), you can establish your practice as the “go-to” destination for those seeking your services and products. So, get creative, have fun, and watch as your social media presence becomes a magnet for new patients.




About the Author: Karol Clark, MSN, RN, is a best-selling author who has a passion for helping physicians integrate effective, profitable weight loss services and retail sales into their practice while improving patient outcomes and enjoying the journey along the way. Her use of non-traditional (easy to implement) medical marketing strategies, along with her dedication to a positive ROI makes her a uniquely different and sought-after weight loss business consultant. Karol is the CEO of Weight Loss Practice Builder and the exclusive membership program for weight loss practitioners, She has more than 20 years of experience working with surgical and medical weight loss physicians and their teams helping them simplify creation of a profitable and enjoyable bariatric practice.

About Robard: For 45 years, Robard Corporation’s medical obesity treatment programs and nutrition products have been utilized by physicians, surgeons and hospitals across the United States to successfully treat patients living with obesity. To learn more about us and how we can help your practice and patients, visit us online at, email us at, or call (800) 222-9201.

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