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The 7 R’s of Operating a Successful Weight Management Program

7 R's of Operating a Successful Weight Management Program

What makes a successful weight management program? We recently shared with you the Robard Blog article “9 Insider Secrets to Running an Effective and Profitable Weight Management Center,” inspired by Robard’s Business Development and Territory Sales Manager teams, who help our customers successfully operate their weight management businesses every day.

As an extension to that article, the Robard team also thought it would be helpful to share their “7 R’s of Operating a Successful Weight Management Program,” which current – or future – weight management program operators can use as best practices topics during internal staff meetings to help ensure the successful execution of their programs.

The 7 R’s
1. Results: Patients need to see weight loss results, improved health results and receive relevant education while on the program. (Results are the most important of the 7 R’s for long-term sustainability).
2. Recruitment of new patients into your program (marketing the program to gain new patients).
3. Retention of your existing patients until they reach their goals (great customer service and great results help accomplish this).
4. Reactivation of your patients if they stop coming to the program, or have completely dropped out, or have put weight back on.
5. Referrals of new patients by existing patients and referrals from other health care professionals.
6. Revenue and profitability of your program. Are you making money?
7. Review of your key metrics in the marketing and clinical efforts of your program. Where can you improve and make changes to improve the results and growth of your program?

If you have any questions about the “7 R’s” or how a Robard program could benefit your weight management center, visit us at

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