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Mom’s Final Wish: Grandkids and a Bathing Suit

Free Case Study: The Effect of Multidisciplinary Supervised Weight Loss on Quality of Life
by Dr. Christopher Case, Endocrinologist from Jefferson City Medical Group, Weight Management Center

For Melanie Cain, being overweight kept her from living the active life she wanted to live. She couldn’t get down on the floor to play with her grandchildren. And the thought of putting on a bathing suit deterred her from boating with her husband. But the last straw was her mom’s final wish. She wanted Melanie to get her weight under control so she could live a healthy and fulfilling life.

“I was determined,” says Cain, who joined the medical weight loss program at the Center for Weight Management at Gwinnett Medical Center, “and I was going to take all the advice I could get from the experts.”

One “aha” moment was in a group discussion where Cain learned about journaling. Now, she journals about what she eats, food labels, trips to the grocery store and even writes words of encouragement to herself. “My motto is this: the food I’m putting in my mouth — is it fuel for my body or not?” asks Cain. “Journaling definitely holds me accountable for what goes in my mouth and the amount of food consumed.”

Cain achieved her goal, losing more than 70 pounds. With newfound energy, she can play on the floor with her grandchildren. Plus, she’s overcome her dread of wearing a bathing suit, and is taking her whole family on their first beach vacation in 12 years.

“I had struggled with weight my whole life and tried multiple programs” she says. “No program has ever given me the tools to be successful before. I have learned so much about nutrition, the emotional aspect of eating and the importance of exercise. Intellectually I knew what I was supposed to do, but never knew the reasons behind it.”

Cain also says she learned how important protein is in your diet. “It’s not just about counting calories. And I learned my body really does need eight hours of sleep at night. Plus, to count as exercise it doesn’t have to be a big deal—any movement is better than none.”

About the Center for Weight Management

The Center for Weight Management at Gwinnett Medical Center is a leader in both medical weight management and bariatric surgery. They offer a multidisciplinary team to work with patients throughout their journey to better health, providing medical, dietary, exercise, behavioral and peer support designed to meet their individual needs.

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