RobardUser Robard Corporation | July 2014

Product Spotlight: Berry Drinks

When the perfect weather requires the perfect drink, look no further than Robard’s new Cranberry Grape and Mixed Berry Drinks with Fiber! These two new beverages from Robard provide the unique blend of superior nutrition with a delicious taste making it the ideal drink to bring increased retention to your program!

Only being 70 calories, these drinks are an optimum substitute to other less nutritious, more sugary alternatives. Need a post-workout drink? Packed with 15 grams of protein, pour two of these into your bottle, mix with water, and your dieters have a protein supplement that rivals the nutrition of any protein shake they can find, with none of the fat!

Both of these beverages offer 3 grams of fiber to provide your dieters added satiety and energy, as well as keeping them on track for their proper daily dietary fiber consumption. With providing hydration, nourishment, and nutrition, Robard’s Cranberry Grape and Mixed Berry Drinks are assured to play vital parts in your dieter’s program, and your program’s retention rates.

These drinks also come in 12 gram protein, 0 gram fiber options. Aside from these drinks, Robard also offers Wildberry and Strawberry Kiwi flavors. For more information on these beverages or to look at the rest of our wide variety of products, explore our full product catalog here, or contact one of our Business Development Managers.


Weight Loss is the Best Medicine

From hypertension to bad knees, nowadays you can get a prescription for practically any ailment you have.  However, medication can only provide relief fora certain amount of time and even though you are treating the ailment, you may not be treating the cause.

Obesity can be the cause of many health risks such as elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, back pain, diabetes, the list can get extensive but I think you get the point. Even though you have different complications they could all be coming from the same source.

Take Jim Carpenter for example, he once weighed 518 pounds, and had the health risks to prove it. Jim suffered from heart failure, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stage one kidney failure, knee pain, and other health issues. Needless to say he took a multitude of medication for these varying ailments. But guess what medicine worked best for him?

After Jim lost almost 300 pounds he no longer needed medications for his diabetes, blood pressure, kidneys, as well as decreased his cholesterol medication. All this from losing weight! Weight gain and obesity can bring on many health problems and risks, but WEIGHT LOSS can potentially to do the exact opposite, without the medications that only deal with the surface and not the underlying problem.

Recent study found that doctors find it more and more difficult to talk to their patients about their weight. As a result when the patient brings up a health problem, instead of getting to the core of the issue, they write a prescription. As a provider, don’t fall victim to filling out prescriptions when there are better more effective ways of treatment. As a dieter, medicine will alleviate the pain (even if temporary), but see if there are other ways to improve your quality of life!



Dieting notoriously focus on what we eat. What about what we drink? While beverages provide refreshment, hydration, and at some times nourishment, hidden in many seemingly innocent beverages could be lots of calories that sabotage your success!

Did you know that a 12-ounce can of soda averages 150 calories and a 12-ounce can of regular beer is about 160 calories? Recent study showed that an American diet has 21 percent of its calories comprised of beverages alone.

This explains why most diets encourage water; not only does water refresh and hydrate, it fills you up while keeping your calories down. There’s no restriction on how much water you can drink and it is one of the best (if not, the best) beverage to drink while exercising.  Another great beverage to consider when trying to lose weight, or just to be healthy in general, is green tea. Green tea is well documented for how its compounds, nutrients, and antioxidants benefit the body. However, it is best to use tea bags instead of buying it already made from your grocer’s fridge to keep calories and sugar low.

A lot of our “hidden calories” go into our beverages. Next time you go to take a sip, consider the drink. 

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